needs your help

Crowdfunding initiative to help support our service.

Crowdfunding initiative

Let's clear some things up!

By donating to this initiative you're supporting our specific service, not the Dogecoin blockchain itself!


When this site was launched, Dogecoin was still in it's early stages and interest was minimal. At this moment, Dogecoin is more popular than most of the altcoins out there and we fully support this. However, the current hardware is just not adequate enough to keep running this service in a stable manner.

Therefore is looking into a rather big investment which should guarantee the stability of the service. Some points we're investing in can be found below:

  • Two new high performance dedicated servers: one for the block explorer and one for the online wallets. (Finished!)
  • Cloudflare web optmizer service
  • Further development for the online wallets. (Finished!)
    • Ability to export private keys to get control of your online wallet
    • Ability to redeem paper wallets (still looking into this)
    • Two-factor authentication
  • Further development and expansion of
  • Further development of the API to allow external services to integrate DOGE into their projects

Obviously this new hardware comes at a high price tag. Our target is 10,000,000.00 DOGE, this amount will cover the costs for at least this year.

Deposits can be made on the address below:




We have already used part of the funds to pay for the servers running this service. We've chosen LeaseWeb as a hosting partner and it's working out great so far. The used funds (about 2 million DOGE) cover the costs until January 2015, thank you all for the support so far!

As part of our initial promise, we've released the online wallet service back in June and are receiving great feedback. We'll continue adding features as people request them and are also working on a mobile application :-)